Sanrio’s new character is the quintessential passive-aggressive Singaporean office worker

Rage mode: ON.

By Tsiuwen Yeo | January 8, 2017

Singaporeans have been labelled, among many other things, as passive-aggressive.

Perhaps stemming from the Asian tendency to conceal our true thoughts and emotions (especially when they’re not pleasant and vanilla), as well as our unwillingness to stand out and be noticed, many Singaporeans are used to bottling up feelings and turning to other avenues for release.

Like alcohol. And perhaps… karaoke?

Photo from Sanrio Facebook page
Photo from Sanrio Facebook page

Japanese company Sanrio, best known for characters like Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and Gudetama (the lazy nua egg who hates to do anything) has recently introduced a new character — a cute, wide eyed red panda with a dark side — Aggretsuko.

Source: Sanrio
Source: Sanrio

Aggrestsuko, whose Japanese name translates to “aggressive Retsuko”, is a 25-year-old Scorpio with Type A blood.

In many aspects, she is like you and me — she wakes up at 7 every morning, works as an office associate and takes a ridiculously-packed train to work every day.

And like the average passive-aggressive Singaporean, she struggles to keep her rage inside when that one annoying boss asks her to do something just as she’s leaving the office. Or keep her cool when colleagues constantly annoy her with mundane matters while she struggles to focus on getting something done.

Gif via
Gif via

Her release? Heavy metal songs at karaoke.

Gif via
Gif via

So while Aggretsuko has all the trademark features of a kawaii Sanrio character (big head, small body, adorable features), Aggretsuko’s daily struggles and frustrations will make her character extremely relatable to Singaporeans.

Which is why we’re pretty sure she’s going to be the next big character after Gudetama.

After all, even though Singaporeans can relate to Gudetama’s nua-ness, rage is an emotion that draws passion.

Watch this video from Sanrio about her:

If you think Aggretsuko is your spirit Sanrio character, you can get your hands on her merchandise here.

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