People in S’pore stopped traffic for duck crossing road with 10 ducklings

They were trying to get to the other side.

Belmont Lay | January 19, 2017 @ 12:24 pm


A mother duck and her 10 ducklings were seen walking in formation in the city area on Wednesday, Jan. 18.

Traffic had to be stopped momentarily for the aquatic birds to cross the busy road along the Marina Bay Financial Centre.

The duck family had also visited the National Gallery Singapore the same day.

The mother duck had apparently been separated from her ducklings for five hours there. After regrouping, the National Gallery staff also helped stop traffic in front of the Old Parliament House to facilitate the group’s road crossing.


Based on their markings, the ducks have been identified to be either the Wandering Whistling Duck or the Lesser Whistling Duck.

The Lesser Whistling Duck has been seen at Gardens by the Bay in recent years. A video from May 2016 showed a family of ducks walking in an orderly fashion around the area.

They can also be found at the Istana, Sungei Buloh and other wetland areas.


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