Otters go to Gardens By The Bay on Chinese New Year Day 1 for good luck

Family excursion time.

By Belmont Lay | January 29, 2017

In a bid to turn their luck around, a family of otters young and old visited Gardens By The Bay on Jan. 28, the first day of Chinese New Year, at about 8am.

The Chinese New Year pilgrimage saw the otters scurrying about just outside the Flower Dome, which is a common spot for otter crossings.

The Bishan family of otters have faced a series of unfortunate events in highly urbanised Singapore as of late.

One otter pup recently got lost and had to be helped by humans, while the mother otter was seen with a fishing hook embedded in its body.

It is believed that this excursion involves the Bishan pack consisting of 13 otters. This is so as it shows the four youngest pups in tow, which were born in mid-November 2016.


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