Meridian Secondary School appeals for donations for student seriously hurt in Muar accident that claimed his mother’s life

Appeal for donation has been posted on Facebook.

By Belmont Lay | January 10, 2017

Meridian Secondary School is appealing to its school’s community to help raise funds for one of its students.

The student, from Secondary 5, who is badly injured following the bus accident in Muar, Malaysia on Dec. 24, 2016, lost his mother in the tragedy, while his father and sister were also seriously hurt.

The teenager will have to undergo another surgery for his spine, after he had undergone surgery for his spine and elbow.

Although there has not been any call for donations from the wider public, a photo of the school’s appeal signed off by the principal has been put online as a call of support for the student.

This is what the note said:

9 January 2017

Dear Parent/ Guardian

Fundraising Drive for Muhd Hilmi Bin Mohd Syed from Sec 5A3

We are writing to seek your support to raise funds for our student Muhd Hilmi Bin Mohd Syed from Sec 5A3. On 24 Dec 2016, Hilmi, his parents and his sister, were on the bus that crashed into a ravine in Muar, Malaysia. The tragedy, as reported in The Straits Times, resulted in many deaths and injuries.

Hilmi’s mother did not survive the accident. Hilmi, his father and his sister were seriously injured. Hilmi suffered spinal injuries, a fractured leg and a dislocated arm. His sister and father suffered fractures that required surgeries.

On 25 Dec 2016, Hilmi underwent an operation to insert a metal rod into his spine and elbow. The operation went well but he needs to undergo another surgery for his spine. Currently, his condition is stable but he is unable to feel both his legs. He is still hospitalised and will require a long period of medical treatment for recovery.

A very polite and respectful student, Hilmi is well liked by his peers and teachers in class and his CCA National Cadet Corp. He is a good team player who participates actively in school activities. As Hilmi’s long period of hospitalisation and medical expenses is financially draining for his family, we would like to help raise funds for him.

We appeal to you to render your strongest support for Hilmi and his family through this fundraising drive. We will be collecting donations from all members of the school community after morning assembly this week on Wed 11 Jan, Thur 12 Jan and Fri 13 Jan 2017.

We hope that all Meridians will show their empathy and kindness by donating generously in this fundraising drive.

We look forward to your support.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Hilda Thong



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