Family of 4 riding vintage Vespa with sidecar on S'pore road is new family goal

Singapore's most hipster family.

Belmont Lay | January 12, 2017, 12:16 PM

Here is one family in Singapore fulfilling a family goal and taking the car-lite message with a pinch of salt with their vintage Vespa and modified sidecar:

However, as cool as it looks, a vintage Vespa with a sidecar attached is not the most affordable ride around.

According to a 2014 Straits Times article, the price for a fully restored vintage Vespa with a sidecar was about S$13,800 then.

Moreover, trying to comply with Land Transport Authority regulations governing vehicle modifications isn't the easiest of tasks.

The one Singaporean who is doing the modification works as a business had to first clarify with the LTA extensively about what can and cannot be done.

The sidecar is then built in Indonesia and exported here. It currently takes one month for it to be assembled after an order has been placed.

Other rules apply.

A road-ready vintage Vespa with sidecar is not allowed on the expressway and has a permitted speed limit of 70kmh.

There is also a height and length restriction on the side carriage, making it difficult for a comfortable ride.

An additional sidecar would also require two motorcycle parking spaces.

And then there are also other rules governing pillion riders.

But all this should be secondary to the fact that the family looks hip.


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