Enchanting fat cat enchants senior folks at Holland Drive with its lumpen adorableness

Go on, make their day.

By Belmont Lay | January 9, 2017

We have been told repeatedly over the years that the ties that hold Singapore together as a country are fragile.

So, why not just replace those fragile ties with fat cats because obviously one here is doing a damn good job bonding the whole community:

According to sources, mostly cat people, this community cat from Holland Drive is famous for its mink-like grey coat of fur. It also has very little qualms about pretty much anything, as the photo above can attest, where it has extended an invitation to everyone for its belly to be rubbed.

It joins the likes of Socks, a Yew Tee cat that sits like a bunny on the corridor ledge exposing its sock-wearing-like paws and won the Internet:


As well as this other cat that pretended to have died after falling from a great height but was, in fact, just sleeping and acting and being annoyed that someone was actually concerned enough to wake it up:







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