Depositing money on Li Chun is a myth, says fengshui masters. The irony.


Belmont Lay | January 06, 2017, 10:46 AM

According to fengshui masters in an interview with The New Paper last year, the practice of depositing money on Li Chun for good fortune is a myth.

The practice apparently started a few years ago in Singapore when a chart was made depicting the supposedly auspicious hours to deposit money for good wealth throughout the year based on your zodiac sign.

This resulted in long queues at money deposit machines during a particular day of the year.

For those who aren't sure what we are talking about, this is the chart for 2017:


Well, as a myth buster, that's not difficult to see how or why. But coming from a fengshui practitioner?:


So, what does it take to get lucky then?

Here's the astute observation of the fengshui master Tong: "You don't have to do anything to change your luck. If it is a good year for you, everything will go smoothly automatically."

Guess we won't be needing the services of a fengshui practitioner too then.