These senior guys from Team Strong Silvers are a reminder you are weak

Yes, weak we are.

Belmont Lay | December 12, 2016, 09:26 AM

So, you were super impressed by this video of these Ah Gongs from Team Strong Silvers working out and flaunting it?:

Well, here's a little bit more about them.

The three senior men mean muggin for the camera in the top photo are, from left to right: Ng Siu Chi, 58, Ngai Hin Kwok, 67 and Ng Bee Kia, 71.

They are part of Team Strong Silvers, formed in October 2013 to promote an active lifestyle among senior citizens.

They are known for their calisthenics workouts, whereby they use their own body weight as resistance by doing pull-ups, push-ups, dips and squats.

Check out how they demonstrate their core strength below:

Ng Bee Kia, the most senior of the lot, can do 300 push-ups, 90 dips and a 2km brisk walk five days a week. He has been doing so for the past 10 years.

He is a former national competitive weightlifter and a retired grandfather of one.

Here he is as a reminder that you have a choice of either sitting at home watching sappy dramas on TV or sitting at your corridor lifting a brick:

And here is how Ng spends his time helping other elderly -- by volunteering and pushing 100kg of rice up a hill:

Not to be outdone, this is Ngai. A reminder: He is 67 years old.

Ngai doesn't spend all day dabbling in socio-political debates online. He can do one-hand pull-ups. Ngai is strong. Be like Ngai.

Ngai runs a total of 65km every week. He can do 28 pull-ups, 33 chin-ups (palms inwards), 100 push-ups and 600 squats at a go.

He is also a grandfather of one.

For anyone who wants to stay motivated to work out, the Team Strong Silvers Facebook page is full of motivational photos and videos.

Such as adding rings to the pull-up bar for variety:

Coming up with unconventional uses for fitness corner equipment:

And muscles, a lot of muscles:


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