Korean concept store Kioda, which resembles Uniqlo lookalike Miniso, has opened in S'pore

Something about white words in red boxes.

Guan Zhen Tan | December 02, 2016, 03:01 PM

Fans of Korean-level quality, rejoice.

You now have your very own accessory store, in the form of Kioda, the newest lifestyle retail store on the block in Singapore.

"Kioda" means "cute" in Korean, and it has opened at Bugis Junction on Nov. 28.

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The franchise started from Malaysia, as "the first Korea (sic) concept store". It has since expanded to 25 different outlets in Malaysia, and now, Singapore. 

They sell a variety of snacks, cosmetics and other lifestyle accessories, according to pictures on their official Facebook page. 

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If you feel like you're seeing double from somewhere, but can't quite name it,  you're not alone.

Red box, check.

White words? Check.

Lifestyle goods at S$3? Check.

That's right. Kioda seems to look like the mini-me of Miniso. Yes, that other accessory store. 🤔 🤔

Which kinda feels and tries to be sounds like Daiso. 🤔 🤔 🤔


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People have quickly pointed out the similarities:

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Miniso has, for a while now, come under fire for being too similar in design to the Japanese fast-fashion chain Uniqlo's logo:

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And that's not all. Miniso's Chinese name has also been compared to the no-frills Japanese brand Muji.

Romanised, the Japanese Muji brand reads as Wu Ying Liang Pin (meaning, "great goods without a brand"), while Miniso's Chinese name is Ming Chuang You Pin (meaning "excellent goods with under a well-known brand")


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So uh, is Kioda based on

A: Miniso

B: Uniqlo

C: Muji

D: Daiso

Or E: All of the above?

Nevertheless, Singaporeans still seem pretty keen to go shop there, unfazed by the uncanny similarities.

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Melting pot of cultures indeed.

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