Have you seen this real-life Mothership in Singapore?

The SAF's latest eye in the sky.

Joshua Lee | December 14, 2016, 06:03 PM

We kid. This cute blimp is the latest in surveillance technology deployed by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). And it has been spotted in the west of Singapore.

The proper name for it is 'Aerostat' — a rather fancy name for what is essentially a tethered balloon. This aerostat is manufactured by TCOM, USA. It was recently approved for testing, which is probably why people in the West might have caught a glimpse of it.

According to the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), the aerostat will offer 24/7 radar coverage within a 200km radius. It's deployment up in the sky enables it to detect aerial and maritime threats. Currently, land-based ground radar are obscured by our high-rise buildings. Being able to hover up to 600m above ground would circumvent that constraint.

Fun fact: The aerostat is made of Tedlar film, Mylar film, and polyester. The tether is made of Kevlar and can withstand strong winds and lightning strikes. Check out the infographic below:

Taken from MINDEF. Taken from MINDEF.

Well if anything, that is one cute looking blimp to grace our skies.


Top photo from Twitter

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