These rare photos of S'pore in the late 70s & early 80s will give you the feels

So nostalgic.

Henedick Chng | November 21, 2016, 02:59 PM

Japanese photographer Doi Kuro travelled to Singapore in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

On his visits here, he captured many aspects of everyday Singapore life that that are lost to time and have been consigned to history.

Here are some of those images of life here from his two visits -- one in 1979 and the other in 1983 -- that will give you, your parents and grandparents the feels.

Traffic junction (1979)

The army vehicle still looks the same today though.

Source Source


Capitol Theatre (1979)

Capitol Theatre in all its un-restored glory.

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Shop houses in their un-restored glory (1979)

Looks like this was shot in the Bugis area.

Source Source


Clifford Centre (1979)

Wonder how this place smelled like then?

Source Source


Clifford Pier (1979)

Most of those buildings in the background are still standing today.

Source Source

Bus stop and old-school bus (1979)

Bus service 172 is an SMRT bus now.

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Old-school bus stop 1979

This looks like a stretch along Jalan Besar.

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Bananas, lots of it (1979)

A shophouse from the past.

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Real hawkers (1984)

Whatever they're having, looks good.

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Shop houses and the ubiquitous parking signboard (1984)

That parking sign has been around since forever.

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Old bus-stop in front of a shophouse (1983)

Fancy having to wait for a bus by standing on the road?

1980s bus stop Source

Singapore skyline (1979)

Kuro captured a skyline of the business district that is vastly different from the present day's.

1979 Singapore skyline Source


Magazine stand/ Mama shop (1979)

Such shops are a hard to come by these days.

Source Source


Old-school Chinese restaurant (1979)

Restaurants like these used to serve really good food.

Source Source


Street food stalls (1984)

This was how we used to eat.

Street Food Stalls 1984 Source

Durian stall (1984)

How the king of fruits was sold.

Source Source


Fruits stall (1984)

Before air-conditioned supermarkets and grocery delivery services became fashionable, there was this.

Source Source


Breakfast at the foot of a shophouse (1984)

Sights like this have become rare in our modernised city-scape.

Source Source


A parrot at a road junction (1984)

Traffic lights still look like this.

Source Source


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