S'porean man who turned himself into a URL points out licence peculiarity of The Western Co.

How now, brown cow?

Mandy How | Belmont Lay | November 08, 2016, 04:59 PM

In the latest turn of events involving The Western Co. (TWC), food blogger Seth Lui of SethLui.com published an article, "The Western Co: Dishonest or Misunderstood? Don’t Believe Everything The Owner Says", recounting his experience of how TWC did not pay for its advertorial on his website.

According to Lui, TWC had agreed to pay him for an advertorial after he shot photos, wrote words and uploaded the article, but it eventually wasn't published.

However, Lui's latest article with these disclosures, which was also syndicated by Yahoo, has since been taken down.

Lui's article had a detailed timeline of his failed attempts at collecting payment for services rendered to TWC. But more interestingly, Lui pointed out some discrepancies with TWC's NEA licence at its now-defunct 30 Foch Road premises.


The address on the license corroborates with The Western. Co's previous location, but it was registered as a "Mixed Vegetable Rice Stall" instead of the supposed western stall TWC was operating.

According to Lui's post, the company the licence was issued to -- Rendevous Holding Pte. Ltd -- is not The Western Co.'s alleged parent company (Appendix K Investments LLP).

Here was Lui's point about the licence:


Lui also pointed out that TWC had announced it was closing "for good" in September 2016 with TWC "vehemently insisting they weren’t relocating".

He then questioned how TWC had acquired an NEA licence for its new Tyrwhitt Road premises in such a short time.


Top image from Andy Wong and Seth Lui

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