Johor’s Linggiu Reservoir that supplies water to S’pore is 22% full

So low, in fact, Singapore had to pump water back into Johor previously to stabilise the supply.

By Belmont Lay | November 6, 2016

Despite the rainy season recently, the Linggiu Reservoir, from which Singapore draws more than half its water supply, is now just 22 percent full.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke about this on Nov. 5 at an event to promote environmental awareness.

In July this year, Johor’s water regulatory body, Badan Kawalselia Air Johor (BAKAJ) made an urgent request for the Public Utilities Board Singapore to provide an additional supply of six million gallons of treated water per day over a three-day period back to Malaysia.

This water was required to stabilise Johor’s own water supply due to pollution in the Johor River caused a shutdown of supplies.

Under the 1962 Water Agreement drafted before Singapore’s independence, PUB Singapore is entitled to draw up to 250 million gallons of water from the Johor River daily.

In exchange, Johor is entitled to a daily supply of treated water of up to twp percent of the raw water it supplies to Singapore.

This amounts to about five million gallons.

This right is guaranteed by the 1965 Separation Agreement and expires in 2061.

On a macro level, Singapore is coping with any erratic supply by building desalination plants to increase water supply.

On a micro level, Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli has urged Singaporeans to take shorter showers and wash their vehicles less frequently to reduce water usage.

Efforts are water usage reduction have worked.

Water usage per person in Singapore has fallen since 2006, from using 158 litres a day 10 years ago, to 151 litres last year.


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