Carousell user offers Nintendo 3DS for kids who scored 4 As and 229 or below for PSLE

Here is the hero we need, which kiasu parents don't deserve.

Jeanette Tan | November 25, 2016, 06:01 PM

Many of you might have read about the son of Soon Lee Young, co-founder of, and how he scored 229 for his PSLE, and consequently was denied a gift of a Nintendo DS.

Seemingly in response to Soon's story, Carousell user Fifa 98 has promised to buy a brand-new Nintendo 3DS to the first student who responded to him on the selling platform.

There are conditions, of course. He requires the student to have obtained the following criteria in his/her recent PSLE sitting, along with submitting an essay:

1) Straight As

2) Scored 229 or below

3) Write an essay on why he/she wants a 3DS and what gaming means to him/her for 40 marks.

Screenshot from Carousell listing Screenshot from Carousell listing

This offer, legitimate or otherwise, was greeted quite warmly by some Carousell users:

Screenshot from Carousell listing Screenshot from Carousell listing

Meanwhile, there were those who were against it, but other users promptly set them straight:

Screenshot from Carousell post Screenshot from Carousell listing

So if you're Soon's son and you're reading this, or if you happen to know Soon's son, do direct him to Carousell user Fifa 98.

But of course, do it secretly la hor. If not it might get confiscated by his mum.


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Top image: screenshot from Carousell listing.

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