All Singapore Stuff is wrong again, turns innocent relatively new S’porean into flame-bait

All Singapore Stuff back at it again.

Martino Tan |Jonathan Lim | November 22, 2016 @ 04:07 pm

Following Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US presidential election on Nov 9, many folks were discussing how he has benefited from American fake news sites spreading misinformation about the two candidates on social media platforms like Facebook.

Unfortunately for Singapore, socio-political site All Singapore Stuff , is fast becoming Singapore’s leading contender in spreading misinformation.

Two weeks ago, All Singapore Stuff caused undue alarm and wasted the time of the police and civil defence by spreading the hoax of a collapsed roof at Punggol Waterway Terraces.

Click here for the article.
Click here for the article.

This week, a Singaporean is getting flamed online because of All Singapore Stuff ‘s erroneous article about how a new citizen, who goes by the name “Fernandez”, wants his old citizenship back.


Many netizens did not click into the article to read that it was submitted by a “Fernandez” and assumed the new citizen to be whoever was pictured on the article. And in this case it was Prakash Hetamsaria.

Some of the FB reactions to the article were harsh, rude and racist.


Poor Prakash, who is definitely not the letter writer.

The only thing he has in common with the purported letter writer “Fernandez” was that he became a Singaporean a few years ago.


And how to tell that he is a true-blue Singaporean?

He has already learnt that the only way to resolve conflict in Singapore is to report to the authorities and ask them to investigate.

Welcome to Singapore.

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