S’pore hawker stall makes it onto front page of Reddit, turns out everyone loves hawker centres

Hawker center is best centre.

Nyi Nyi Thet | October 4, 2016 @ 12:18 pm


Most Singaporeans love hawker centres.

The food is relatively cheap, it is for the most part delicious, and there’s just something intrinsically local about it.

Well, turns out, loving hawker centres isn’t just a Singapore thing.

On September 4, a Redditor posted the following post onto R/food, which is a page dedicated to food.


The post is of course, referring to the famed Michelin-starred soya sauce chicken stall in Chinatown.

It got all the up-votes, even making it onto the front page of Reddit — or popularly known as the “front page of the Internet”.

But, while the food was rightly appreciated, the bigger draw for the world was apparently the fact that the stall was in a hawker centre.

What’s a hawker centre?

At the beginning of the thread, the thread starter gave a quick breakdown of his experience at the famed stall.


Now, while this is a perfectly clear statement to us, some were very confused.

Even assuming that Singaporeans were somehow scalping soya sauce chicken to sell to addicts.


A few kind souls quickly cleared up this dystopian view, basically saying ta bao lor.


With one even giving visual aid to what a hawker centre looked like.


After confirming that Singaporeans weren’t experiencing a nationwide shortage of soya sauce chicken, some tried to find relevance in their own countries.


But, someone pointed out one slight difference.


Great taste

And that was the consensus throughout the thread, that Singapore’s hawker centres served rather delicious food.




With some even declaring some of the food inside their personal saviour.


And of course, the relatively cheap price was a big factor.



Hocker mart wan sui!


Top image from Reddit

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