Khaw Boon Wan given personal space in MRT carriage to reflect on his policies

Commuters kept their distance to allow him a moment with his thoughts.

Belmont Lay | October 18, 2016, 10:12 PM

Commuters on the train were seen clearly keeping their distance to accommodate the Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan's need for a Circle of Rumination, where his thoughts were allowed to float freely around him.

The above photo of Khaw was taken by a fellow commuter, Ken Tham, on Tuesday, Oct. 18, at around 8pm, when he was travelling from Raffles Place to Ang Mo Kio. The transport minister was also on board the North South Line train.

One of the thoughts that was filling Khaw's mind at that time was perhaps the return of SMRT to state ownership after 16 years of being a public-listed company.

This transfer was confirmed after the High Court approved Temasek Holdings' buyout of SMRT.

At an extraordinary general meeting on Sept. 29, shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of SMRT selling its operating assets to the Land Transport Authority for about S$1 billion.

Shareholders also voted that day to let Temasek take SMRT private, paving the way for the transport operator to return to state ownership.

The last day of trading of SMRT's shares will be Oct. 18, bringing the company a step closer to an eventual delisting.

Shareholders will be paid for their shares by Nov. 1, and SMRT will be delisted thereafter.

Khaw's utilisation of the public transport system is not new though. He is seen riding the trains as part of his job of assessing how well these things work in Singapore.


Top photo courtesy of Ken Tham

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