Here's how your old-school fluffy rainbow ice cream bread gets made in S'pore


Belmont Lay | October 20, 2016, 03:34 AM

This is the fluffy rainbow ice cream bread that everyone in Singapore would have eaten at some point in their lives:

If you haven't, you should stop reading and go get some now.

And this is how they are made at Jackson Bakery & Confectionery in Bedok, one of the remaining few bakeries in Singapore that still makes this type of bread.

The "rainbow bread" has become synonymous with "ice cream bread" because it is frequently sold at old-school ice cream vendors as a combo.


So popular is this combination, a tiff of international proportions broke out when BuzzFeed dissed it earlier this year.

Singapore responded in her sassy way and threw some shade in return.

All this over a beloved baked piece of dough.

Rumour has it that the original version of the rainbow bread was really rainbow-coloured. But bakeries cut back on the colouring, so it is mainly just pink and green these days.

And whether it is indeed a matter of illusion or not that the colourful rainbow bread somehow makes it seem like they are sweeter in taste, we cannot confirm.

But they do somehow taste different from regular white bread.

Maybe they should go back to making them with seven different colours.


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Top photo via Our Grandfather Story

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