'Bus Uncle' is the most Singaporean bus arrival timing app ever

He will ask you lim kopi.

Jonathan Lim | October 27, 2016, 04:11 PM

Most bus arrival timing apps are soul-less. You input the bus stop you're at and the app just displays "Arr" or an emotionless number indicating the minutes you have to wait for each bus. Sometimes the apps aren't even accurate.

Enter Bus Uncle. The app which makes you wonder if there is indeed a bus uncle sitting behind some computer replying every one of our inane bus-timing queries.

Here's how the Facebook-based app works:

1. Log onto Facebook and like the Bus Uncle page.

2. Start messaging Bus Uncle for bus timings. Simple.

Here's how a typical conversation looks like with Bus Uncle:


The app draws from the LTA DataMall database and is smart enough to generate several bus stop options if you type in something as vague as "Tuas".

The fun part is when you try to mess with Bus Uncle:




If you like Bus Uncle, do support it by liking him on Facebook, where you'd be treated to quirky updates like this:


Bus Uncle is the brainchild of Abhilash Murty.

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