How fat is a mooncake? As fat as yo mama. Ok, joking. About 1,000 calories.

The truth hurts. So does your heart. Because it will be clogged if you eat too much.

Belmont Lay | September 16, 2016, 03:23 AM

So, the Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us and you will be gorging yourself silly with mooncakes because it's a tradition for corporations to send boxes of these stuff all over offices in Singapore as a goodwill gesture and you cannot help but put some in your mouth.

And each time an entire mooncake lets slip down your oesophagus, you will fulfill half of your daily calorie intake, which is about 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women.

For the record:

A lotus seed paste mooncake = 716 calories.

A lotus seed paste mooncake with one salted egg yolk = 790 calories.

A lotus seed paste mooncake with two salted egg yolks = 890 calories.

A lotus seed paste mooncake with four salted egg yolks = 975 calories.

As comparison: Eating a lotus seed paste mooncake with two salted egg yolks is the same as eating 45 teaspoons of sugar. Its total fat content of 55g is equivalent to 11 teaspoons of oil. (All figures derived from Health Promotion Board.)

So, instead of us pointlessly scaring all of you silly with these sort of calorie-counting, why not check out this chart comparing moocakes to other potent food:


And if you are still curious, maybe you'll like to know that about 650,000 mooncakes that flood the entire local market here annually are made in one factory in Singapore.

This is the result of the outsourcing of mooncake production by hotels and restaurants to one single producer with the economies of scale to make them relatively well and cheap.


Mooncakes calories comparison chart via 9gag via Daily Vanity:


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