Chinese man makes emerald ring from glass bottle to impress girlfriend

Counterfeit level: Asian.

Belmont Lay| September 18, 03:54 AM

A man in China has allegedly fashioned an emerald gemstone out of a glass bottle.

According to Chinese media Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People's Daily Online,

the man decided to create an emerald ring from scratch using a green beer bottle after his girlfriend pestered him for a diamond ring.

Photos of the process showed he cut the bottom off the beer bottle and filed it down into a gemstone shape before attaching it to the ring.

Pictures of the emerald-making process were widely shared on China's social media.







One account on Weibo under the name 'normal people do not do this kind of thing' has more than 10,000 comments on the photos.

However, as with quite a lot of things out of China, this story might not be totally believable.

There are other claims that the man is a student from Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University and he was just doing this as part of his school project.

The purpose of making the emerald was to improve his jewellery-making skills.

His final product was said to have been highly praised by his school teacher.


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