Blind man walks into oncoming traffic & panics, kind driver patiently helps him across the road

Kudos all around.

Nyi Nyi Thet | September 15, 2016 @ 01:01 pm

Beh Chia Lor, a Facebook community for Singapore drivers, posted a video of a potentially tragic incident that was turned into a reaffirmation of humanity.

At 9.29am on Sept. 15 (according to the dash cam) a blind man attempted to cross the road while the traffic lights were still green.


He eventually stopped halfway across, perhaps having heard the oncoming traffic, and appeared, understandably, panicked.


That’s when our good Samaritan struck.


But the best thing was, there actually appeared to be three people attempting to help the man.

One, was of course, the aforementioned do-gooder.

And the other two were from the silver car closest to the blind man.



Here is the full video from Beh Chia Lor:

Great job!


Video from Beh Chia Lor

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