A bunch of guys had 200 packets of McDonald's curry sauce so they cooked a pot of curry

A taste that makes you tremble, they said.

Tsiuwen Yeo | September 29, 2016, 06:49 PM

It seems like a group of Japanese guys from RocketNews24 recently discovered the one thing that all Singaporeans love -- the McDonald's Curry sauce.

And what they proceeded to do is something that Singaporeans will never think of doing, simply because we are so blinded by our love for the delicious condiment. Last year, there was a period of four months where McDonald's ran out of stock of the heavenly sauce.

Image from RocketNews24 Image from RocketNews24

Apparently, the group received about 200 packets of curry sauce from their Singaporean guests as souvenirs. Souvenirs. (Okay. Who are these Singaporeans?!)

They described it as "highly popular" in Singapore, a "classic" in McDonald's around South East Asia and that the sauce has a delicious "South East Asian flavour". (We'd like to point out that curry sauce is unique to our region).

And after serious deliberation over what to do with 200 packets of curry sauce, they decided that the next natural course of action was to make curry. Japanese style.

Their plan was to simply replace Japanese curry roux with McDonald's curry sauce. To the uninitiated, Japanese curry roux are the ones that usually come in boxes from the supermarket.

So in the pot went the standard ingredients you'd see in Japanese curry -- onions, carrots, potatoes and meat.

Image from RocketNews24 Image from RocketNews24

"If we replace roux with curry sauce, will we be able to make an authentic Asian curry? There was no doubt. Having 200 packets of curry sauce at hand was divine guidance."

"Now, the last step would be to put in the curry sauce, and our authentic Asian curry will be completed!"

But it seems, when the curry sauce was added, a confusing mix of smells filled the room. Specifically, they wrote that "a smell reminiscent of herbal medicine or slums filled the room".

With that, they were done. And no, they did not use all 200 packets of curry sauce.

Onto tasting this "curry sauce curry":

Image from RocketNews24 Image from RocketNews24

Image from RocketNews24 Image from RocketNews24

Image from RocketNews24 Image from RocketNews24

Turns out, the curry was sweet. Very very very sweet. The bunch decided unanimously that it was so terrible, it's "a taste that makes you tremble", "the worst in-flight food" and that "you'd have to be cautious if your girlfriend made this".

The bunch tried to salvage the curry by adding some very dubious looking seasoning, but ultimately concluded, with their unfortunate pot of curry as proof, that curry sauce is still better taken just as it is.

How enlightening. But Singaporeans already know that, don't we?

Still, it was entertaining to see a group of Japanese guys experiment with a sacred Singaporean favourite.

What we're really more interested to know is this: who brings 200 packets of curry sauce on a trip to Japan as souvenirs?!

Given that we have to pay an extra 30 cents each after a free packet of curry sauce at MacDonald's, 200 packets would work out to about.... $59.70.

That's equivalent to almost 10 boxes of Japanese curry roux in Singapore. And 10 boxes equate to about 20 pots of curry.

We'd love to speak to these Singaporeans guests they had. Maybe they enjoy making curry from curry sauce too.


Top image from RocketNews24

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