This Snorlax cushion is so huge, people are having trouble bringing it into their homes

Who needs a mattress when you have Snorlax?

Tsiuwen Yeo | August 24, 2016, 01:56 PM

This is a Pokemon otaku's dream come true.

Sure, Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game and has become a daily routine for many, but Japanese toy maker and video game company Bandai has found a way to make a particular Pokemon a tangible part of your every day life.

Meet.... the life sized Snorlax plushie.

Image: Premium Bandai Image: Premium Bandai

Weighing roughly 12kg, the life sized plushie is about 150cm tall and 130cm wide. That's almost the size of a mattress. The plushie is very aptly named too -- the name of the bulky product translates into "Definitely can't get up Snorlax cushion". This mattress-like plushie is definitely a handful to move around, that's for sure.

Pre-orders for the Snorlax cushion in Japan started in February this year, and the orders were shipped out in August.

But as you can might expect, just as Snorlax had been in the Pokemon anime, the life-sized Pokemon has become a pathway-blocking mass of cuteness.

"The Snorlax cushion that my son bought for 52,000yen has arrived. I have been playing with it, calling it Totoro even though it's a Snorlax. It will be standing in the doorway until my son comes back home."


"When I saw how big the Snorlax was, I remembered how it used to block roads in the game and I tried putting it on the stairs at home. It really blocks the way."


Nobody expected Snorlax to be so huge.

"I bought the snorlax cushion from the mail order, it turned out to be much bigger than I imagined!"

This customer certainly experienced problems bringing the snorlax inside the house:

"The delivery boy said its so huge its hilarious. I will do something about bringing it in."




Seems like the only way to bring it in was to remove Snorlax from the box.

"It's no good."


And dragging it across the floor.

"It's no good."


Finally, it arrived in the room -- notice how Snorlax is so big it needs a bed of its own?

"Snorlax cushion from Premium Bandai has arrived. Thoughts: I will bounce if I jump on it."

If you are thinking of purchasing it, the Snorlax cushion costs 52,000 yen, or a whopping S$700 with the current exchange rate.

That's the price to pay for turning the virtual into reality. Now the question is -- When will it start retailing in Singapore?

"When I open the door, I kinda get scared. Cute!"


Top image from Premium Bandai via Rocketnews24

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