SIA deleted their thunder-stealing Joseph Schooling photos

Hey where did they go?

Martino Tan | August 15, 2016, 11:24 PM

After coming under mounting online criticisms for taking credit for Olympic Gold medallist Joseph Schooling's achievements by not focusing enough attention on him, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has learnt to deal fast.

Or pulled a fast one, depending on how you look at it.

Remember these two viral photos that initially appeared as part of SIA's Facebook post?

Source: Coconuts Singapore Source: Coconuts Singapore

Source: Coconuts Singapore Source: Coconuts Singapore

They opted not to take credit for them.

And its edits history has shown that it has removed the two viral photos.

Source: SIA Source: SIA Facebook

Source: SIA Facebook Source: SIA Facebook

Since Schooling's Olympic Gold medal win, SIA has embarked on an uncharacteristic bizarre media blitz when it should be focusing on delivering world class customer service in the air.

Not only did they take unflattering photos, they also did FB Live reporting like the one above: "This is Singapore Airlines reporting from Changi Airport Terminal 3 Gate A5, we have Joseph Schooling and the arrival party right now..."

That just left hundreds of supporters and the media waiting at the arrival hall for Schooling when SIA decided to hog the attention for its Facebook page this morning.


Top photo formerly from SIA Facebook page

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