We check if this gahmen ad is an accurate depiction of the S’porean way of life

When reality meets improbability.

By Tan Xing Qi | July 5, 2016

The government usually doesn’t do that many ads. But when they do, they create longish commercials that try to make you cry.

Directed by Kelvin Tong (of Eating Air and The Maid fame), this 2-minute dripping-with-nostalgia ad chronicles the life of a typical Singaporean guy having the typical Singaporean experience of buying an HDB flat with CPF money and the not-so-common episode of hospitalisation following an accident.

Speaking of reality and improbability, let’s take a look at how realistic this ad is.

1. Salary in a brown envelope


Probability: 100%. Back in the typewriter-days, simi is GIRO?

2. The Office BFF


Who just cannot resist being a lightbulb.


After all these years, he’s still the same.


Probability: 90%. Smoke break kaki, fellow kengster, the office BFF has stood the test of time, providing comfort in the bleakest of working environments.

3. Finding love in the office


Probability: 50%. This is really split down the middle. While some have no qualms, there’s a camp that swears off such office romance for fear of gossip and career stagnation.

4. Pinning your CPF statement – beside your wedding photo


Probability: How about never in a million years?

5. Buying your flat with CPF money


Probability: 100%. See point 1 and you will understand why the money lying in the CPF account is useful.

6. Dads prepare the milk while mums comfort the baby


Probability: 70%. It’s usually safer for dads to handle inanimate objects.

7. Pushed by your son, fell to the road and kena banged by car


Probability: 1%. That’s like SUPER suay man.

8. Only sustained leg injuries after kena banged by car


Probability: 2%. From super suay to super heng, what are the odds?

9. Using Medisave to pay for hospitalisation bills


Probability: 90%. Currently, Medisave covers you for most medical procedures (here are nine ways you can use Medisave). Even if your Medisave runs out, you can also use an immediate family member’s Medisave Account.

10. Full recovery after accident


Probability: 70%. A combination of sheer will and physiotherapy also work wonders.

11. Man continues to fumble with collars, even after collecting his CPF


Probability: 80%. Guys will be guys.

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