This is the greatest university graduate photo shoot in S'pore that is keeping it real

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Belmont Lay | July 09, 2016, 03:38 PM

Elizabeth Boon is a university graduate from one of the many prestigious, internationally-recognised, high-ranking universities in Singapore.

The pink lining of her graduate gown suggests she obtained her tertiary education from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Perhaps tired of seeing those clichéd jumpshot photos with flowers, teddy bears and that glimmer of hope in the newly-grad's eyes that envisions a promising future where the world is their oyster because a starting $4k salary can finance their dreams, the concept of her graduate photos kept it as real as the economic reality of being a fresh grad in Singapore today:

Well, empirical investigation shows no evidence that raising the general level of education raises a country's income level.

But on the bright side, investing in tertiary education increases an individual's overall household income over time.

So, it's not all tragedy and wasted youth. Here's to the good life:


All photos from Elizabeth Boon Facebook

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