A complete timeline of the Standard Chartered robbery in 60 seconds

A quick recap so you know what is going on.

Nyi Nyi Thet | July 12, 2016, 01:02 PM

The suspect of the recent robbery at Standard Chartered's Holland Village bank branch has been caught in Thailand.

While the alleged robber has been apprehended, the media circus preceding the capture might have made it hard for the casual reader to follow along.

For example, the robber was not an Australian, as first reported by some publications, but instead Canadian.

So before the most famous $30,000 slip-of-paper man is extradited back to Singapore, here's a timeline of the events from the robbery to his arrest.

Timeline (In Singapore time)

July 7 (Thursday)

11.25 am- The suspect allegedly robs StanChart's Holland Village branch. He does this by handing over a note, which according to Shin Min Daily News, reads as follow.

"This is a robbery, give me money, don't call the police, I have a weapon."

- After getting the cash, the suspect flees on foot in the direction of Chip Bee Gardens.

- The Singapore Police Force (SPF) are called onto onto the scene.

- They start searching the surrounding area, including trash bins.

rubbish2 Screenshot from The Straits Times Facebook page

Around 4pm- Suspect boards flight to Thailand

6.08pm- Suspect arrives in Thailand

- Sometime from then till July 10, the suspect checks in at Boxpackers hostel in Bangkok.

>12am- SPF identifies the suspect on the day itself, but realises he has already fled to Thailand.

- SPF contacts the Royal Thai Police and have been in communication with them, seeking their assistance in finding the suspect.

July 8-9

- SPF finds Gatorade bottle believed to have belonged to suspect.

That is all.

In all seriousness, the Police explained the reason for the lack of updates and heightened secrecy with the case.

According to their Facebook post on July 11.

The Police did not release further details beyond the initial police statements for operational reasons to ensure the arrest operation was not jeopardised.

- They also requested for the extradition of the suspect on July 8.


July 10

12pm- The suspect is found and arrested at Boxpackers Hostel in Bangkok.

On an unrelated note, according to Hotels.com, they have rooms available for as low at $16 a night, which is a very good deal.


The head of Interpol Bangkok, Police Major-General Apichat Suriboonya, has acknowledged the detention of the suspect, as well as Singapore's request to extradite him to the Thai embassy in Singapore.

While there are no extradition agreement between the two countries, but the Major-General told The Straits Times, "I think it won't be long".


Top image from Colette Wong's Twitter

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