S’porean brags about betting 1 month’s salary on Spain, Internet rejoices in his despair

We feel for you Gold_Dust.

By Nyi Nyi Thet | June 28, 2016

Gambling related memes are the best when they posess a certain touch of irony.

The infamous Andy meme was hilarious because of the subversion of an anti-gambling message to one of Andy’s father being the greatest gambler ever.

If the National Council on Problem Gambling ever wants a new, more apt spokesperson for the dangers of gambling, they will do well to look to local forum, Hardwarezone, member, Gold_Dust.

Here is the post that launched a thousand trolls.

In case, you can’t see the thread header, it is ‘Whack my whole month salary on Spain to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’. 17 exclamation marks.

Now, as most of you might know, Spain, who Gold_Dust had picked to win, lost 2-0 to Italy in the Euros. But let’s put that aside to take a chronological look at how cruel the Internet truly is.

Forum users were initially supportive

The general mood was one of respect for the Gold_Dust’s resolve.



Although one was a bit more cynical of the thread starter’s (TS) motive.

edmw hidden meaning

For his part, Gold_Dust was super confident of his pick as well, constantly asking fellow forum users to sail with him, for some reason.

edmw bet gd5

edmw bet gd6

edmw bet4 gd

edmw betgd 7

And then Spain lost

Some were sympathetic, and genuinely worried.

edmw bet console

edmw console2

And then there were the others.

edmw gif wannabe

edmw mock

edmw bet mock

Some made puns based on the user’s name (Gold_Dust)

edmw dust

edmw pun

edmw pun2

One user inexplicably gave an in-depth financial comparison as to why eating rice is cheaper than bread.

edmw explain

And last, but not least, the gifs.
edmw gif


As of this article’s publishing, Gold_Dust has not commented on his loss.


All pictures and screenshots from EDMW

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