Perfectly edible food deserves to be redistributed to migrant workers. Not discarded.

Now here's a plan.

Belmont Lay | June 19, 2016, 06:39 PM

Here is something that will work perfectly in Singapore.

With so many domains increasingly turned into part of the sharing economy, why not attempt the redistribution of perfectly edible food that will otherwise be cleared out at the end of the day at eateries and other food establishments?

This is what the above Facebook post said:

Was at Starbucks this afternoon to get coffee for tennis-weary parents when I saw the counter staff clearing away all the food as they were closing. I asked if they would let me take it away for migrant workers and they sweetly agreed. So they handed me 2 bags of pastries, muffins and sandwiches (all very kindly warmed up) and I was lucky enough to find workers right down the road. The workers were delighted of course, and as I turned back after handing them the food I saw them all happily snacking, sitting on the pavement. Am going to try and do this every Saturday at 4pm (closing time for this Starbucks) if I can. And any of you who are at a food-bearing venue near closing time, do try it because ‪#‎itfeelsgoodtodogood‬.

Kudos to the Starbucks staff for taking the initiative to readily give food away on a whim.

This is so because something as basic as food in Singapore can be bit of a problem, especially for migrant workers.

In March 2015, it was reported that migrant workers in Singapore were given packet food that are near-inedible or spoilt, resulting in them falling ill or suffering from malnutrition.

Earlier this year in April, a migrant worker was seen eating his meal on the wet ground to avoid dirtying the nearby bench at the bus stop.

For something that most people do not think twice about in Singapore, the situation sometimes can be quite depressing for others.

Starbucks food, or any other food for that matter, might be unnecessary calories for some of us. But it certainly should not be treated as waste.

This could be the start of something bigger.


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