Food rage lady gives her side of the story, says she had a cold that day

She also apologised.

Jonathan Lim | June 05, 2016, 05:15 PM

After more than 1.3 million views on a video that showcased a lady having an epic food rage and saying a deaf and mute cleaner should be a beggar instead, the star of the video has come out with her side of the story.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the lady goes by the name 冯女士 (Hanyu pinyin: Feng; likely to be Fong or Fung in dialect) and is a 37-year-old executive.

She said that she was having a cold on that day and was not feeling well. After she finished her meal, she noticed a dirty object in her food. She said that she felt unlucky and had planned to take a picture of the object to lodge a complaint. Unfortunately, before she could do that, the deaf and dumb cleaner came to attempt to clear the plates; and the rest is viral history.

SMDN said she apologises for what happened and that she did not know that the cleaner was deaf and mute.

Here's the SMDN post:

On Saturday 4 June, Facebook page The Alternative View shared a post claiming that the woman was one "Alice Fong" and that she was a People's Action Party Grassroots leader (GRL) for Nee Soon Central Zone RC 1.

The claim that she is a GRL was refuted by both Nee Soon Central Zone 1 RC and Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC Assoc Prof Faishal Ibrahim. Prof Faishal said that she is "a Nee Soon resident who has taken part in events organised for her community and that "(n)o one has verified that the lady in the video is the same as the person on the photos."

Referencing the viral video, he said that she "used words that were totally inappropriate. Her behaviour is wrong. Regardless of the situation, one should not shout at and insult others."

The Alternative View also shared a post providing another bystander's account of the incident and why nobody stepped forth to put a stop to the raging lady's tirade:Lynette Ong

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