Complaint about pork roast during Ramadan draws out responses showing what S’pore is all about


Jonathan Lim | June 30, 2016 @ 12:38 pm

Two days ago (Jun 28) local website All Singapore Stuff published an article “Roast Pork Smell From Temple Dinner Too Unbearable For Fasting HDB Resident” which had over 600 shares on Facebook.

The article reported on a series of Facebook posts by an individual who took issue with the roasting of pork right under his window for a large-scale dinner event:

Roast pork

Such words would surely result in negative responses which carry tones of race and religion. And indeed there were many.

But testament to our racial and religious harmony, comments calling for tolerance and understanding received the most Likes, while those that were negative hardly received any:

Singapore religious racial harmony

Singapore religious racial harmony 2

We won’t be showing the negative comments, because sedition tolerance and harmony.


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