9 army commands that everyone can use to describe their office life right now

When your colleague talks back to your boss, you have to hormat his guts.

Tan Xing Qi | June 28, 2016, 04:41 PM

“I miss the days out in the blazing sun marching in the parade square with my RSM barking commands into my ear,” said no NS man ever.

Ah the good ol’ army drill commands – so versatile, so full of meaning.

Wish you could use them in civilian life again? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Senang diri

senang diri Source

Usage: When the big boss is not around and you can slack a bit.

What it actually means: Stand at ease.

2. Diam


Usage: When the big boss is here and you are candy crushin’, you better stop your crushin’, man.

What it actually means: Freeze.

3. Cepat lari

cepatlari Source

Usage: When you shred the wrong documents and realised it was your boss’ 100-page presentation deck.

What it actually means: Run.

4. Semula

gif Source

Usage: When the boss asks you to re-do the 100-page presentation.

What it actually means: It really means re-do. Sucks to be you.

5. Hentak kaki cepat hentak

hentakaki Source

Usage: When promotions kenna everyone. Everyone but you.

What it actually means: Marching on the spot.

6. Ke Belakang Pusing

u turn Source

Usage: When you want to knock off early tactically but big boss comes back

What it actually means: About turn.

7. Masuk baris

masukbaris Source

Usage: Wake. Work. Repeat. This is basically us every weekday morning.

What it actually means: Enter the parade.

8. Keluar baris

keluar Source

Usage: Right at the opposite spectrum is Keluar Baris – You know, when the clock strikes 7pm (if you are lucky) and you are tired AF but still cannot wait to sprint out of the office.

What it actually means: Fall out. Make sure you don’t kena besurai though.

9. Hormat

hormatemma Source

Usage: When the colleague disagrees with your boss and you admire his guts. A lot.

What it actually means: Salute.

Speaking of which, here’s another thing we should hormat this July:

Put on your uniform (but make sure the button-fly doesn’t explode) or take the easy way out (grab one from your Facebook archives when you were still at your IPPT Gold-best). SAF wants you to hormat yourself for your unwavering service this SAF Day. Just follow these steps:

1. Take a photo of yourself in uniform OR with a significant figure in your life who’s an SAF serviceman/woman.

2. Post it as your profile picture, hashtag ‪#‎HormatSAF‬ & ‪#‎SAFDay16‬, and tag @cyberpioneer.

You don’t actually stand to win anything but how about some discounts and good ol’ pride?

This post is brought to you in conjunction with MINDEF.