12-year-old boy assisted drivers involved in accident in Yishun while everyone else took pictures

Moral of the story: When you don't use your phone to take pictures and video, you can help someone.

Belmont Lay| June 01, 03:45 PM

A 12-year-old boy, Ashvin, has been lauded for his public-spiritedness.

This was after the student was going home from school on May 31, 2016, when an accident occurred along a busy road junction at Yishun Ave 2.

In a Facebook post shared by the kid's sister, she related that her brother was the one who stepped forward to offer his assistance to the drivers involved in the collision, as other people were busy taking pictures and videos with their phones.

This is what the post said:

Today, is the last day of kindness month. And I'd like to share smth really special that happened earlier on today!

Ashvin, my Brother, was on his way home from remedial. To get home, he would have to normally cross a somewhat busy junction. So, the story begins when the green man turned green, & Ashvin crossed the road with his friends when suddenly, he heard a loud "BOOM" RIGHT BEHIND him. When he turned around he saw that a car crashed onto another in a middle of a junction.

Without thinking twice if he could've been hit by a car or a bike, because the other vehicles were starting to get impatient & moving to another lane to get pass this stationary vehicle, Ashvin (who's only 12 btw) went to approach the driver in the car to ask if she was okay. She said that she thinks she's stuck & even asked my brother to help her open her door.

So I asked him, "why didn't you ask like some adults to come help?" He was like, "Idk!! Everybody was so busy crowding around taking pictures or videos. Idk why nobody came to help!!" He also then moved over to ask the other party in the other car if she was okay when he came to learn that the other driver was pregnant & her leg was bleeding. He then ran to his friends to ask them to call the ambulance.

I'm not here to show off about my brother's good deed or anything. But I'd like to take this time to share that it's amazing what a 12 year old can do that even the other adults couldn't. Ashvin must've been really courageous to have went to help in an instant.

I really hope the people affected in this accident are okay & I love the fact that Ashvin was so kind & calm during the whole situation. I'm so proud of my little Brother & I know this kinda things don't happen everyday but honestly though, how many of us would actually stop to ask the person if she's okay? I know I would've been too traumatised to even care & I would've most probably been thinking, "Wah thank God I didn't die, man!" But I would've gone to help, just maybe not in an instant. But that's besides the point. ?

This touched me so deep & Im really proud that despite being told it was too dangerous (by his friends), he went to do what he felt was right. Totally felt overwhelmed when Ashvin told me this. Isit a 12 year old boy has so much kindness to share? Isit all people care about is taking pictures? Isit I love my Brother? Isit honestly thank god my brother is safe?

Moral of the story: When you don't use your phone to take pictures and video, you can help someone.

But then again, if no one took a photo, this post would not have happened.


Top photo via Infopedia

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