This interactive MRT map features a poem for every individual MRT station

Marsiling poem: but because I live in Tampines, I reply instead "damn penis"

Nyi Nyi Thet | April 28, 2016, 02:11 PM

April is Singapore Poetry Writing Month, or SingPoWriMo to cater to our obsessive need to shorten words.

So there's been quite a bit of poetry writing going on, a surprising amount of which revolves around our beloved MRT system.

To help you sort through the deluge of poetry, there's an interactive map that allows readers to view all these poetry according to the individual MRT stations they have been written for.

Here are some of our personal favourites.

Nicoll MRT (CC5) by Joshua Ip

the name already is an oxymoron.

who builds a node for high speed public rail

to serve some buildings, yeah yeah, golden mile,

and a park for maids on their off day to go on?

look out from exit b. enjoy the warm

rippling of kallang riverside, with no

one there. watch empty roads. watch the grass grow.

this station is an ivory pachyderm.

though transport planners often get short shrift

i find it hard to conscion, each to each

a station on a highway wannabe

paralleling beach road which is also no true beach

by a body of water which is neither bay nor sea

on an island which is, well, you get the drift.

Marsiling MRT (NS8) by Elizabeth Fen Chen

I wish I lived in Marsiling

so if someone said "what's up"

I could say "ma ceiling"

and get a high five

from my friends

but because I live in Tampines

I reply instead "damn penis"

this gets no high five

because I have no penis

and also no friends

Chinatown (NE4/ DT19) by Kok Wei Liang

Chink Chink Chong Chong Chow!

Chink Chink Chong Chong Chink Chink Chow!

Chink Chink Chong Chong Chow!

Chink Chink Chong Chong Chink Chink Chow!

You want flesh baby?

We halv flesh baby, velly flesh!

New, armost rike fleshly abolted!

Onry at Chinatown MLT stop!

Flesh baby, velly good for your comprexion

Orl your husband election!

Buy, befole they glow up!

The North South lines poetry seems to take longer to load for some reason.


Top image from LTA's website

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