These 2 Bangladeshi construction workers talk about how’s life really like in S’pore

They're more thankful for what they've got than us.

Belmont Lay | May 4, 2015 @ 03:54 pm


Ever since news broke about how two construction workers saved a toddler dangling from the second floor of a HDB flat, the Singapore public has new found respect for this group of under-appreciated labourers who frequently toil invisibly away from the public’s eye.

In a bid to demystify who exactly these workers are and what their hopes , the Ministry Of Funny talked to Foysal and Mustufa candidly about their hopes and place in Singapore society among other things, such as

– how they gave up their families back home to eke out a living in Singapore,

– Mustufa has not seen his child the last four years because he doesn’t have Facebook,

– Foysal was about to further his studies for a degree when his father passed away

– and they have built an estimated 500 to 700 houses in their time in Singapore.

To partially make it up to them, they were provided with some buttocks-clenching excitement at Sentosa, a place, they helpfully reminded, was also built by them.


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