11 classmates all Singaporeans will have encountered

School would not have been the same without these people.

Jonathan Lim| December 15, 05:05 PM

Most of us spend at least 12 years in school. In that amount of time, we meet all sorts of people. You may even be one of those that other classmates remember:

1. Classmates who claim that they don't study

Never study


2. The one who comes to school 15 minutes early for only ONE reason...

copy homework


3. The one who never lets people copy his homework

never share homework


4. The class belle/hunk

Behind every class belle / hunk...

apple of my eye

is you:

forever alone in class


5. The one who brings all his books everyday even if he doesn't need them



6. The smart aleck who pretends to know everything

smart aleck


7. The rebel / joker who talks back to the teacher all the time

can i use bathroom

talk back


8. The super classmate

super classmate


9. The teacher's pet / sabo king / troll

teachers pet


10. The bully

bullyNuff said.


11. The Pao Toh Kia




*Bonus* The Dua Kang Kia / Big Cannon Fairy / King of exaggeration

dua kang kia


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