15 things you will miss once you are done with polytechnic, university

Quick, hug your classmates and never let go!

Jonathan Lim | June 10, 2014 @ 06:12 pm


Those of you who can’t wait to get out of school are crazy.  Don’t be an idiot. Stay in school. School’s the best time of your life.

Here are 15 things you’ll miss dearly if you leave school.


1. Sleep as late as you want

Because 3 am is when we are the most creative/productive. Who sleeps before midnight anyway, right?


2. Wake up naturally

Not being a slave to the alarm clock is such an underrated luxury of life.


3. Walk in late to class/lecture like a boss

Looking fabulous for class takes time, ok?


4. Having a full meal for less than $4

Tell any working adult that you can have a filling meal AND a drink for less than four bucks and they will think you just successfully divided by zero. Mind-freaking-blown.


5. Flip flops and FBTs everywhere you go


FBTs are fine, unless you’re a hairy guy in a cold, cold LT.


6. Student discounts and fare concessions

Discounts for haircuts, student meals at fastfood outlets, and glorious concession travelling. You’ll miss the special EZ-link beep once you surrender your student fare card.


7. Make as many mistakes as you want

If you are afraid to make mistakes and learn from them, don’t expect the office to be the place to start doing so.


8. Becoming friends with your classmates did not involve backstabbing or politics

Some of your best friends will come from school. Together you will kick ass in your school projects. In the working world where everyone’s gunning for that one managerial spot, you’re not so sure if you can really call your colleagues your friends.


9. 3-day weeks

Plan your modules well and you have a 3-day school week and 4-day weekends. That’s how students roll.


10. No bills to pay, yet

Sure you’ve got your own meals, school fees and handphone bills to pay. Wait till you hear of new awesome acronyms like ERP/IRAS/CPF.


11. Off-peak travel

It’s so awesome when you can avoid the peak-hour crush when you plan your lessons to start later in the day or afternoon.


12. Spend most of your time thinking of getting attached

Besides school, what else do young adults with raging hormones do? Hmmm? But once you start work, you’ll be lucky to have time to socialise outside of your work circle.


13. Going for ladies night without having to wake up early the day after

Have you ever tried going to work with an epic hangover on a Thursday morning?


14. Your gorgeous body

You’ll also find out what sitting on your ass 9 hours a day, 5 times a week will start to do to your body.


15. Lecturers will give you suggestions to help you improve

Your lecturers are paid to nurture you and help you learn from your mistakes. Your future bosses … we’re not so sure.


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