7 biggest lies you were ever told about university education

Nope, whatever you've been told so far is not true.

Belmont Lay| October 09, 11:07 AM

A common myth to push JC kids to strive their hardest for 'A' Levels and possibly look forward to the university is:

"Just get through your A levels, after JC everything will be very slack already."

No, no, no, your parents and teachers have deceived you. Because there is nothing stress-free about university studies. (Or about work after that.)

Here are seven of the biggest lies about tertiary education:


1. You can dress any way you want

No, you can't. You have to dress like how everyone thinks you should dress.

Good luck to not getting judged for wearing your cool leather jacket in our crazy hot weather. Or for being the sloppy bum in your shorts and slippers.

Of course, you could dress any way you like and not care what others think. You go, tiger!

When you have to dress in your own clothes, you'd be thankful you had to wear a uniform for a good part of your education.


2. Projects are interactive and fun

There are so many ways that things could go wrong here:

a) You have a superb idea but no one seems to get it OR they think it's too complicated to go through with

b) You don't know how to tell your group mate that you think his/her idea is stupid

c) No one is able to come up with any ideas and the whole group is stuck in a rut

Now tell me that this isn't enough to bring out the Hulk in anyone.


3. Addressing lecturers are a no-brainer

It's so clear cut in JC, you call your tutor Mr. Tan to his face and only as "that Leonard Tan ahh.." behind his back, when talking to your friends.

But once you enter university, you'd notice that your seniors seem to address some lecturers by their first name, some are called by their last name but without salutation and some you have to be mindful of addressing them as "Professor" or even "Dr."

Then there are those guys (obviously fresh out of NS) who simply address everyone as "Sir".


4. Canteen food is real, cheap grub

Bad food is enough to make food-loving Singaporeans dread having meals in school, yet it is not uncommon in our university canteens.

Canteen food is relatively cheap, but don't expect to always get good food.

Fortunately, you have your friends and seniors to point out the better stalls. But then again, those are the ones with the long queues.


5. You can get the best modules

NUS students have to bid with points while it’s fastest-fingers-first for NTU students. Yes, university is great in that you independently choose what classes to take. But everyone wants to take the one with the nice and funny professor or the easy one without a final exam.

Your one day of getting your modules online will determine what you're stuck with and have to go to campus for, throughout the entire semester.


6. Readings are easy

Not to frighten prospective university students, but readings (mostly for humanities) can go up to 100 pages a week, while science lab can be as long as a 6 hour session with no break.


7. You have ample time to revise

For 'A' levels, you had approximately 2 years to study for 5 papers. In university, you will have 4 months to study for your 5 modules.

Of course, all the cohorts before you have survived it, you can do it too.

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