Some more things your BMT sergeant shouted at you

More words of wisdom from our ever-caring BMT sergeants

Jonathan Lim| December 18, 10:23 AM

We received many comments from our readers for our article, 12 things your BMT sergeant used to shout at you. We thank our readers for sharing more classic one-liners our sergeants used on us. Here are 12 more awesome things our sergeants used to shout at us.




In the army, there are no gentlemen, only Jannermen!




When sergeant says this, it is not a threat, it is a promise. If you don't want to kena you better give him...



ndp artillery

Do it well, do it right, do it one times good one. Sergeant will be happy and we can all go back bunk early.



saf christmas

The only time you are allowed to reply 'Yes, sergeant!' when he asks you this question is around 2359hrs 24th December. If not you better double.




When you thought your sergeant cannot make you do more than 20 pumping at one go, there was always this magical reset button.



universal round

I think one of the best inventions by our army is the universal round. *BANG BANG BANG*




You go and do your Buddha clap. 20 counts of 1

For all the chao geng recruits who don't want to do push ups, there is always the all-time classic Buddha clap. I think it has now been renamed as 'Overhead Clap' so that recruits from other religions can also participate in it.



wall is falling

This one was shouted by the recruits and not the sergeants. One of the more creative 'punishments' for lazing around and leaning against the wall.



mouth got gold

Echo echo echo!!!





Often mispronounced as 'SAAAAH MOO LA', 'Semula' was one thing you probably did not want to hear from the sergeant after doing various complicated tasks or, worse, digging a shellscrape.



walk some more

Walk some more!

When you hear sergeant say that, you better start doubling already. If not he will give you one times jialat jialat. But blur recruits will always think the sergeant is giving them welfare.




Apart from hearing this at the firing range, usually your sergeant tells you this when the day has ended or when you have finished a task. Then you can go back bunk to relack jack.


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