10 Iconic things in Singapore we would like to see as Lego models

Because we've got a beautiful cityscape that deserves immortalising.

Jonathan Lim| December 05, 05:53 AM

Lego has just unveiled the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) as its latest model in its Architecture series. This is Singapore's first landmark in this series which include the likes of the Sydney Opera House, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Brandenburg Gate, and the White House.

While MBS is a sure sight to behold, here are 10 more awesome Singapore icons that should be made into Lego:


1. The Merlion


How can we not? He's been spewing water tirelessly since 1972. He's even become a verb in Singlish for over zealous drinkers.


2. Sir Stamford Raffles


Of course we have to include the founding father of modern day Singapore. One white and one black version for greater collectibility!


3. Changi Airport Control Tower


It's instantly recognisable and probably the last Singapore landmark you'll see as you leave the country. You've got to wonder how is it like working up there?


4. Singa the Lion


This poor guy has been trying to get us to be nicer to each other since 1982. Statues of him have been placed all over the island to be a silent and vigilant reminder. But all we've done is rush into MRTs before letting others alight and Stomping people instead of asking them to give up seats to the needy. No wonder he quit last year. Knowing Singaporeans' penchant for free and collectible stuff, maybe Singa can be made into Lego mini-figs and given out to people who exhibit kindness. Then we can finally have a more gracious society.


5. Dragon Playground

Dragon playground


These stone and sand playgrounds are now a thing of the past. They molded a hardier generation than the ones who now play on foam playgrounds. The sand was fertile for our imagination as we built sandcastles in them. Or could be because some people let their pets take a dump in them.


6. Hawker Centres



The last bastion for Singapore's dying food culture. It's also one of the best source for cheap and delicious food. If we can't preserve the food culture, at least we can stare at the Lego model of Lau Pa Sat and reminisce.


7. HDB

PG regalia

8 in 10 of us live in one of these flats. We've championed it internationally as a success in public housing. So why not make it into Lego models?


8. Ah Meng


Probably the most prominent matriarch in Singapore after Margaret Chan's cockroach-crushing Tan Geok Neo. It was a case of gone-too-soon for Ah Meng our beloved Zoo mascot. Did you get a chance to have breakfast with her? No? Let's try to get her immortalised in a Lego mini-fig instead then.


9. Old National Stadium


We should not the grand old dame where we celebrated many NDPs and the Singapore Lions winning the Malaysia cup back in 1993. Much history has been made in this building and it is a pity that it has now become part of it and only a memory.


10. Gurmit Singh

Gurmit Singh


Every National Day and New Year's Eve countdown will not be complete without Gurmit Singh asking you to scream. Seriously, he loves to say 'Singapore! Can I hear you screeeeeeam!?' whenever he hosts mega-events. Can you get any more iconic than that?


Photos taken from Wikipedia unless otherwise stated

Top photo from Lego's Facebook

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