13 more lines 1980s S’porean babies used to say but have forgotten

12 more classic lines from an era of awesomeness.

Jonathan Lim| December 13, 02:17 PM

Many of our readers have contributed even more classic lines after reading our first 13 lines 1980s S'porean babies used to say but have forgotten. We've collated some of their suggestions and added a few more classic lines.



police wear shorts

Last time your classmates never pass up homework the teacher never say anything. Now your turn, teacher also not so blur already.



the police

Other variations include the Karung Guni man and *ahem* things that will get you into trouble with the Seditions Act. Or it may start another riot.



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Eh why you so like that ah?



you then

This is the ultimate come back when you're quarreling or get insulted by someone. When whoever you're arguing with comes up with long lines of arguments or insults, all you have to do is rebut with this two words until they give up. Win.



say people say yourself1

This is the loser's version of 'You then'. This was usually said with wounded pride and signaled that the other party has won the argument.



super white

Everyone had that scumbag classmate going around asking this question. Unknowing fools will fall into his trap and he will go 'Orhhh you scold bad word'.



God in Heaven

Before grammar nazis even existed, we all had that smart-aleck friend who would catch us with this lame line.



call me stupid

Depending on the situation, some times you would tell your mother, some times you will threaten to tell their mother. Which leads to the next one....



dont play mother

It's supposed to be an unspoken rule, but the lowest of lifeforms will always turn to mother name-calling because they can't beat your 'You then' argument.



oh ah peh ah

No idea what it actually means. But always a good way to ensure that the soccer teams are even. Unless of course some idiots pakat before hand, then not fun already.



dont friend you

One of those lines you can't use too many times. If not, really nobody wants to friend you. But the real friends will stick around and play Pepsi-cola with you during recess.



sorry no cure

It's cute when boyfriends use this line on their girlfriends. But the other way round... that's a very different story.




If the numbers form a tune in your head, you're awesome!


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