10 nostalgic local Chinese TV drama theme songs

Songs that will flood you with childhood memories

December 10, 2013 @ 01:45 pm


Long after we’ve forgotten the plots of some of the great shows local TV has brought us, the thing that stays in our memories is their theme songs. Hey, some of us still belt them out in the shower or KTV. Here’s 10 for you to reminisce.


1.) The Unbeatables (双天至尊)

Well we all tried to flick poker cards at each other because of this.


2. Unbeatables 2 (双天至尊 2)

Then tried to shake dice in a dice cup.


3. The Last Swordsman (最后一个大侠)

This song probably has the most memorable chorus. It only has three words.


4. Good Morning, Sir! (早安老师)



5. Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣)

Fann Wong inspired a generation of school girls with cockroach feeler fringes with this.


6. Stepping Out (出路)

Everyone only knows the first six words of this song by heart.


7. Wok of Life (福满人间)

One of the best and most underrated shows produced locally.


8. The Legends of the Eight Immortals (东游记)

This was one of the earliest shows that got overseas actors as headline acts if I recall correctly.


9. The Coffee Shop (咖啡乌)

One of the most feel-good songs to hit television.


10. Mystery (迷离夜)


This show created an entire generation of Singaporeans who are terrified of butterflies.


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