In a world where anything is increasingly possible, the day has finally arrived where anyone anywhere can be paid to sing a Singaporean Hokkien chant:

Who paid this guy with beard and long hair to do that? Anyone can actually.

The guy with the beard and long hair, SoCal Christ, runs a paid service to help you spread any message you want for a fee.

His services are advertised on Fiverr, a site that aggregates freelance vendors for digital services, which was where Donald Trump’s team hired a 15-year-old Singaporean to do presentation slides previously for his presidential campaign.

From the looks of it, this chant video most likely costs US$10.

What the guy is saying in the video is apparently the same Hokkien chant immortalised in Royston Tan’s 15:

“Salakau” literally means “369” in Hokkien.

Salakau is a Singaporean secret society that has been in existence since the 1970s.


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