Suhaimi Yusof confesses to showing up on random Malay family's doorstep as he urgently needed to poo

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ashley Tan | May 11, 2023, 11:19 PM

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Have you ever felt the immense urge to answer the call of nature when out of the house, but were unable to find the loo?

Anyone can empathise with the panic that sets in when the train is about to exit the tunnel in an inappropriate place.

In the case of local celebrity and comedian Suhaimi Yusof, a stranger's house was the solution.

No toilet nearby

Suhaimi's secret was spilled on a TikTok clip of a podcast hosted by local comedian Fakkah Fuzz, whose real name is Muhammad Fadzri Abd Rashid.

Fadzri shared a story he had heard from his relative—that Suhaimi, who was attending a void deck wedding, had shown up on the doorstep of a random Malay family as he really, really had to use the toilet.

Fadzri recounted the tale to raucous laughter from the other guests:

"All the toilets were full. He (Suhaimi) need to sh*t. He just went to the nearest Malay house, DING DONG. The fella open the door, 'Eh Suhaimi!'

'You wait ah, I need to sh*t. I come out then we can take photo.'"

This, his relative told Fadzri, was a mark of Suhaimi's fame.

Suhaimi conceded with Fadzri's account of events, and confirmed that that incident had taken place at 5:30pm during a Malay wedding in Ang Mo Kio.

He explained that there were no coffee shops in the vicinity.

"I really had to, I really, I was like either explode or implode," Suhaimi said of his dire predicament at the time.

He noticed some Hari Raya light decorations strung up outside the window of a second-floor unit.

"[I] was trying to identify which one is a halal house."

Immediately, he headed up, rang the doorbell, greeted the family, and asked if they could open the gate.

"I went straight to the toilet," he recalled. "I said 'I see you later!'"

He mimicked the family's utter confusion at having a local celebrity barge into their home: "The family was like 'Uhhhh...'"

He did acknowledge though, that the family recognised who he was.

Had done this several times

Fadzri proceeded to describe Suhaimi's actions as the "boss-est move [one] can pull in Singapore".

Another of the podcasters said he would not be able to do the same without being arrested.

Suhaimi then sheepishly confessed that he had done this not once, but at least one other time previously.

TikTok users were extremely amused by the story, with some saying that their doors (probably both front and toilet ones) would be wide open should Suhaimi ever come knocking.

Another joked about how memorable the incident would be for the homeowner.

You can watch the full clip here.

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