Robot barista at Punggol Hawker Centre malfunctions, pours coffee dramatically onto ground

One diner quipped that the robot had been frightened by its audience.

Ilyda Chua | May 01, 2023, 06:53 PM

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Spills, as any F&B worker would know, are an inevitable part of life in the industry.

And this goes for inanimate staff members too.

A Facebook user caught a particular robot barista having a bit of a rough day.

Spilling the coffee

User Ks Toh posted the video of the incident on Facebook group Hawkers United.

"This is the reason why robot baristas cannot replace human beings," he said of the incident, which took place on Apr. 28 at One Punggol Hawker Centre.

In the video, the robot accidentally sets a container down askew, eliciting an "aiyoh" from an onlooker.

It then lifts up a jug and promptly starts to execute an impressive coffee pour — except, given the lopsided container, the beverage goes straight onto the floor.

Cue alarm from the audience. "Oh my goodness," goes an onlooker.

"Take picture until the guy scared lah," another quips, as the robot returns the now-emptied jug into its original position.

As the robot then attempts (and fails) to pour more coffee, apparently befuddled, a male staff member approaches the machine and re-adjusts the toppled container.

Fans and foes

Netizens' reactions to the barista robot, which was launched last October, were mixed.

Some counted it as evidence that robots are unable to replace humans, while others were more forgiving.

Tough crowd.

Photo via Ks Toh/Facebook