Aurora at Aperia Mall to host 1-day Nikke-inspired maid cafe event on May 13

Okaerinasaimase goshujin-sama!

Winnie Li | May 08, 2023, 04:54 PM

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If you are a fan of maid cafes, particularly one inspired by the video game, "Goddess of Victory: Nikke", you're in luck.

On May 13, Aurora Asian Kitchen and Bar, located on the first floor of Aperia Mall in Lavender, will be hosting a one-day Nikke-inspired maid cafe event from 10:30am to 4:30pm.

The event will be held in conjunction with the game's half-year anniversary, according to its organiser, who goes by the Facebook username Jamil Ora.

Nikke was launched globally in November 2022.

Screenshot via Jamil Ora/Facebook

What to expect

For those who are wondering what to expect, the following post, which captured an earlier run of the event on May 6, may be helpful:

According to the post, at least seven cosplayers and maids were present at the event venue on Saturday, including Akaei Ray and DJ Haru.

Image via Shiki Hideyoshi/Facebook

One of them was filmed feeding a patron a cake, which came with a Nikke logo at the bottom of the plate.

Video via Shiki Hideyoshi/Facebook

Other food items included spaghetti served with steak and meat skewers.

Image via Shiki Hideyoshi/Facebook

Both dishes come with a black flag with "Nikke" written on it.

A few other guests could also be seen chatting with the maids and taking pictures with cosplayer Akaei Ray.

Image via Shiki Hideyoshi/Facebook

RSVP required

If you are keen to head down, you would be pleased to know that the event is free to attend.

However, you would need to register your attendance ahead of time here, as there are only 50 slots available.

Top images via Shiki Hideyoshi & Jamil Ora/Facebook