S'porean man, 35, joins friend to have sex with girl, 13, ends up watching them, gets jail

He said he was "too stressed" and "felt guilty".

Hannah Martens | May 12, 2023, 10:06 AM

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A 35-year-old man in Singapore was invited by his good friend to have sex with a 13-year-old girl at a chalet in Downtown East.

The girl needed money, so they split the cost of S$300 that they paid to her.

However, the man who was invited failed to perform, so he could only watch his friend have sex with the girl and drink bubble tea with them after the deed.

Regardless, the man ended up in jail after the girl's mother reported the incident to the police a year later.

Girl wanted money for gaming credits

According to court documents, the man, Jeremy Sim Wei Xiang, has been good friends with Eng Rong Qiang since secondary school.

The girl, who Eng met online, agreed to have sex with him in exchange for S$300, which the girl planned to use on gaming credits.

Eng then invited Sim along and asked Sim to book a chalet room at Downtown East for Feb. 4, 2020. They agreed to each pay half of the amount the girl had asked for.

Knew girl was underage

The accused knew the girl was underage but didn't know her exact age. He thought she looked 14 or 15 years old when he first saw her.

Eng first arrived at the chalet with the girl.

Sim arrived after he finished work and bought bubble tea for the three of them.

Eng and the girl were already naked on the bed when he arrived, so he went to shower before joining them.

Man claimed he felt "stressed" and "guilty" so he could only watch

Both the men touched the girl while on the bed, but Sim could not perform as he claimed he was "stressed" and "felt guilty" that the victim was very young.

The girl and Eng tried to "help", but Sim still could not perform and felt "disappointed".

Sim then moved to a separate bed and watched the two have sex.

He would sometimes walk over to them to touch the girl and himself while watching. He also tried touching himself in the toilet but still could not perform.

Finished bubble tea before leaving

The duo ended up having sex for three to four rounds. Sim observed that the girl was inexperienced and uncomfortable.

Before the three left the chalet, they sat in the room to chat and finish the bubble tea.

They were in the chalet for a total of around two hours.

The girl's mother lodged a police report a year later on Mar. 18, 2021, when she found out the girl had been having sex with Eng after checking her handphone.

Prosecution said he tried to join in

On Mar. 30, Sim pleaded guilty to a charge under the Children and Young Persons Act for receiving a sexual act from the 13-year-old girl and was sentenced to jail for seven months and two weeks.

The prosecution pointed out that even though Sim did not manage to have sex with the girl, he did continue to touch the girl, watch the girl have sex with Eng, and touch himself repeatedly in a bid to join in.

This was all despite him knowing the girl was underage, pointing out that she "looked very young" to him, and guessing she was only 14 or 15 years old.

The prosecutor highlighted that Sim is a sexual predator who capitalised on the immaturity of a young victim by grooming and corrupting her.

The jail term must serve as a deterrence to similar individuals, the prosecution added.

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