Blackpink in S'pore: Jennie tells crowd to keep phones, man plays Angry Birds while fans outside have time of their lives

So much going on.

Lee Wei Lin | May 14, 2023, 05:11 PM

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Blackpink's in our area, and there's so much that has happened at their May 13 concert.

Sea of phones

Multiple users on TikTok, especially those who were in the standing areas, have lamented how their respective concert experiences were ruined by those who were holding up their phones during the concert.

@babyyblob You all filming netflix docimentary or what. #blackpinksg ♬ original sound - babyyblob

Calling it the "worst concert ever", TikTok user @babyyblob called those who held up their phones "selfish" with "no manners or concert etiquette".

@shunicorn_ standing pen might not be so great after all 🫠 #blackpink #blackpinkconcert ♬ original sound - sher 🦄

@joeychok WATCH MY BLACKPINK CONCERT GUIDE TO SAVE YOU IF YOU ARE GOING TOMORROW! MONEY FLY BUT ITS OKAY PAY FOR EXPERIENCE 🥹 #blackpinkconcert #blackpinkconcertsingapore #blackpinksingapore2023 #blackpinkofficial #nationalstadiumsingapore #singaporetiktok #tiktoksg🇸🇬 #sgtiktok #tiktok #singapore ♬ original sound - joeychokdx

Another TikTok user, @joeychok, said that you "can't really see anything cause all the phones are blocking".

Those in the standing zones paid anywhere from S$168 to S$398 for their tickets.

The sea of phones didn't go unnoticed by Jennie, who remarked:

"I must say, I'm seeing more cellphones than faces today. So... I don't know if I like that. So, for the last two songs, I want everyone to connect and interact with us, and sing and dance, and just party. Okay?"

@jnkclip the phones again😭 #jennie #jenniekim #blackpink #fy #foryou ♬ original sound - jennie

The guy who might not wanted to have been there

While that was going on, TikTok user @pollutedhq noticed that the person beside him was playing a game — specifically Angry Birds — on his phone during the concert.

@pollutedhq 💀💀💀#bornpinkworldtour #bornpinksg #blackpink ♬ Angry Birds - Main Theme - Geek Music

Not sure if the music and atmosphere helped with his game, though.

Versus the ones who really wanted to be there

Not everyone inside was like this, however, as one concertgoer was evidently very serious about getting the best view of Jisoo as possible.

@juliayeo #blackpinksingapore2023 ♬ Pink Venom - BLACKPINK

That being said, some of the most enthusiastic fans might have been just outside the stadium, as evidenced by the crowd outside having the time of their lives.

Two bros sitting on the ground were spotted doing the choreography of Jisoo's song, "Flower", while the song was being performed in the stadium.

@catherineebaebae BlackPink Singapore Day 1 || cute moment #blackpinkconcertsingapore2023 #blackpink #blackpinkconcert #Blackpink ♬ 原聲 - Catherine Chin

Arguably, the most enthusiastic fans of the night were TikTok user @valvalvalvalvalerie and her friend, who brought camping chairs to watch the show.

However, they probably didn't end up using the chairs much as they were standing up and using binoculars to catch glimpses of the Blackpink members from afar, like so:

Video by @valvalvalvalvalerie on TikTok

Video by @valvalvalvalvalerie on TikTok

They also danced their hearts out:

Video by @valvalvalvalvalerie on TikTok

And had so much fun that they were still bouncing when a security officer told them that they had to leave:

Video by @valvalvalvalvalerie on TikTok

@valvalvalvalvalerie 10/10 would do it again with my binoculars and camping chair. #blackpink #blackpinkbornpinktour #blackpinkinyourarea #blackpinksingapore2023 #blackpinksingapore #blackpinkconcert ♬ Pink Venom - BLACKPINK

Fun times.

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Top screenshots from @jnkclip, @pollutedhq & @valvalvalvalvalerie on TikTok