Couple rescues baby bat from birds, creates makeshift home from takeaway container

Bless them.

Nixon Tan | April 05, 2023, 05:41 PM

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They say that a little kindness goes a long way.

For a couple in Singapore, they showed this by rescuing a baby bat, which had been attacked by birds.

Meet Mabo

The couple posted a 35-second TikTok video (@new_to_singapore) on Apr. 2 showing how they stumbled across the bat.

Amandine and her boyfriend were on their way to breakfast when they spotted something "moving in the grass".

GIF via TikTok/@new_to_singapore

After checking it out, they realised that it was a baby bat.

They immediately called National Parks (NParks), who advised them to keep it in a container and informed them that they would come by to pick it up.

Photo via TikTok/@new_to_singapore

Amandine then carefully wrapped the bat in a jacket and carried it back home.

Back home, the couple made a makeshift home out of a takeaway container and a satay stick which they felt the bat would be more comfortable hanging from.

GIF from TikTok/@new_to_singapore

Amandine also said, "I'm sure he had a good time with us, but it's better that he goes where he belongs".

They also named the bat "Mabo", inspired by the takeaway container that the bat was kept in.

Photo from TikTok/@new_to_singapore

Shortly after NParks arrived and confirmed that Mabo was a "healthy baby"

Amandine then bid the bat goodbye.

@new_to_singaporeName: Mabo, Family Name: Lor Mee, see you every New Year 🦇♬ original sound - New to Singapore by Amandine

Comment section reacts

Some commenters praised their actions.

Photo from TikTok/@new_to_singapore

Photo from TikTok/@new_to_singapore

While others were amused by the name given.

Photo from TikTok/@new_to_singapore

One user expressed surprise over the fact that NParks officers made their way down.

Photo from TikTok/@new_to_singapore

Top photo via TikTok/@new_to_singapore